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Happy “Twosday”


Tuesday, February 2, 2022

People notice patterns, and this one stands out.

Not only is the date 2/22/22, but it also falls on a Tuesday, now dubbed “Twosday.”

This pattern has no real meaning or significance. It is just a coincidence based on our calendar and how we choose to write the date. But it is interesting in demonstrating how we view the world.

Our brains search for meaning. We look for connections, which help us better understand the world around us. Many of those connections and patterns are important and useful. Others, like this one, are simply interesting and fun.

For those interested, this century has already included such notable dates as:

  • 01/01/01
  • 1/1/11
  • 1/11/11
  • 06/06/06
  • 12/12/12

And we have 3/3/33 and 4/4/44 to look forward to, if anyone wants a reason to celebrate.

Here’s more information on why numbers fascinate us.