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Science Articles for Kids

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Kids learn science the fun and easy way with these science articles from Science Made Simple. Also get fun science projects & great experiments you can do with stuff around the house.

Get answers now to these common kids science questions:

Each science article has four sections:

  • The main section gives a clear, detailed answer to the question.
  • "I Can Read " pages are written in simple, clear language for young readers.
  • "Learn More About It" pages are more difficult and cover additional information in more depth
  • Projects are included for each topic.

Here are some of the subjects available:

Space Science / Astronomy What is a star?
Why do stars shine?
Earth Science /
Environmental Science
What makes the seasons?
Why do the days get shorter?
What's inside the Earth?
What makes the weather?
What is our environment, and
how does it work?
Why are leaves green?
Life Science / Biology Why do I get sick?
Why do I breathe?
How do I hear sounds?
How do I digest food?
Why do people need eyeglasses?
Why are leaves green?
Physical Science /
Physics, Chemistry
How do boats float?
What is a rainbow?
How do batteries work?
What is electricity?
How do airplanes fly?
How do light bulbs work?
What is plastic?
Why is ice slippery?
How do refrigerators work?
Why do people need eyeglasses?