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Botany Science Projects

Botany, which is also called plant biology or plant science, is the study of plant life and growth. Here are some sample science projects related to plant science.

  • How do different conditions affect the speed at which fruit and vegetables ripen?
  • Effects of different types of fertilizers on plant growth
  • What happens when you grow sweet potatoes next to other plants?
  • How do different treatments change how fast seeds sprout?
  • How close does a pesticide have to be to protect a plant?
  • How does soil pH affect the pH of water that touches the soil?
  • Which way is up?
  • Roots Restrictions
  • Can different colors and types of cloth attract or repel insects from plants?
  • The effects of light on seedlings germination
  • What affect does the brightness of light have on the growth rate of a plant?
  • Does crowding affect plant growth?
  • Does Colored Mulch Affect Soil Temperature?
  • Does Colored Mulch Affect the Growth Rate of a Plant?

Ecology and the Environment

Ecology is the scientific study of the interactions among organisms and their environment, and combines both biology and Earth science. Some of the various topics include the study of ecosystems, biodiversity, the effects of pollution and acid rain, and many more.

  • Chemical contamination of lakes and streams
  • Acid Rain

    • Measuring pH
    • Determining the pH of Common Substances
    • Making a Natural pH Indicator
    • Measuring Soil pH
    • Soil Buffering
    • Observing the Influence of Acid Rain on Plant Growth
    • Observing Buffers in Lakes, Ponds, and Streams
    • Looking at Acid's Effects on Metals


Nutrition science is the study of food and health, the materials or nourishment necessary to sustain life, and the organism's response to diet.

  • Do different varieties of the same fruit have the same level of vitamin C?
  • Are there different amounts of iron in different breakfast cereals?
  • Are all apples equally sweet?


Microbiology is the study of microscopic organisms. Here are a few projects that examine the effects of mold & bacteria on plant growth.

  • What happens to the way plants grow if there are no microorganisms in the soil?
  • Are different plants affected in different ways by specific microorganisms?

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