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Education & Reference Resources

Learning Skills Dramatically improve your children's learning and study skills.
Mental Math Learn brilliant mental math short cuts that will amaze everyone and give you an tremendous advantage in school and at work.
Education Info Find a wide variety of education information and resources for students, parents and teachers at the U.S. Department of Education.
Resources Free resources on topics including art, language, health & phys ed, math, social studies, and vocational education
Government should be your first stop for any information on the U.S. government.

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Parent/Teacher Resources

 Math & Science
  - Elementary Science

  - Easy Science Projects
    In Only 1 Day

  - Make Math Fun
  - Math Lesson Plans
    for Financial Skills

 Foreign Language
  - Spanish
  - French
  - German
  - Italian

 Study Skills
  - Improve Grades &
    Study Skills

  - Speed Reading
  - Memory Training

 Classroom Resources
  - Manage Disruptive

  - Inspire Your Class

  - Montessori Guide
  - Raising Leaders
  - Homeschooling

  - Old Schoolhouse

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