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grams to ounce, ounce to gram, kilogram to pound, pound to kilo, etc.

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More Weight Units

Common Weight Units Abbreviations:

ounce = oz
gram = g or gr
milligram = mg
microgram - µg
pound = lb
kilogram or kilos = kg

Which Weight Unit To Use?

Apothecary - for medications
Troy -for precious metals
Avoirdupois - for almost everything else -
these are for "every day" weight measurements

Learn how to convert weight units using a conversion factor

For example, to convert between lb and kg,
conversion factor is 1 lb = approx 0.454 kg

To convert pounds to kilograms, multiply by 0.454:
lb x 0.454 = kg
3 lb x 0.454 = 1.36 kg

To convert kg to lb, divide by 0.454:
kg / 0.454 = lb
3 kg / 0.454 = 6.61 lb