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Science Made Simple

Get simple, detailed answers to students' common science questions. Plus great science projects & experiments to use in your classroom.

Science Articles

These great science articles teach basic scientific concepts in a clear, easy to understand way. Each article contains 3 sections, written at different reading levels. Some examples:

  • Why is the sky blue?
  • What is static electricity?
  • Why do leaves change color in autumn?
  • And many more...


Science experiments & projects - Fun, easy, and they really work, too!

Science Textbooks Fail

Experts give most science textbooks failing grades when it comes to teaching kids science. Do your school's textbooks pass their test? Find out now.

What is Science Made Simple?

Kids are natural scientists. They learn by asking questions. Get the answers you need with Science Made Simple.

Unit Conversions

On-line measurement conversions converter for metric and US customary units. Plus

The Science Store

Find great science activities and toys for kids of all ages!

Science in the News

What's happening now in current science news.