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Area conversion using online area converter

square ft to square meters, square feet to acres, sq m to sq ft, square feet to square miles,
square yard to square feet, inches squared to centimeters squared, etc.

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Common Area Units Abbreviations:

square inches, inches squared = sq in or in²
square feet, feet squared = sq ft or ft²
square meters, meters squared = sq m or m²
square centimeters, centimeters squared = sq cm or cm²
square kilometer, kilometers squared = sq km or km²

Learn how to convert area units using a conversion factor

For example, converting between square feet and square meters,
the conversion factor is 1 ft2 equals 0.093 m2

To convert square feet to square meters, multiply by 0.093:
ft2 x 0.093 = m2
3 ft2 x 0.093 = 0.279 m2

To convert square meters to square feet, divide by 0.093:
m2 / 0.093 = ft2
3 m2 / 0.093 = 32.3 ft2